Mission Statement

Our Mission

WWUD is dedicated to propelling content that traditionally doesn’t receive mainstream exposure. We’re committed to providing the world with Urban Content to enhance the perception of individuals, primarily those who have been historically underserved by the media. Our job is to get your content out to the world through traditional and new age contemporary platforms - AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, OTT, PPV, Communication Broadcasters, Apps and Live Streaming. We can monetize and market content directly to consumers while creators can manage their online visibility, brand awareness, and measure their video assets.

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Worldwide Urban Distribution

Our Story

Florida Film House created World Wide Urban Distribution after being in the film industry for 20 plus years and recognized the lack of support and knowledge of urban content creators. We’re in an era where the traditional distribution models are no longer the standard and are changing on a quarterly basis which is being driven by digital media companies. By providing a digital platform that not only represents the creators originality but understands the market we can maximize every opportunity and take advantage of the leading tech industry by the distribution of digitally based goods and services.


Our Films

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A Miami Love Story

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Zoe 911

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